Came by car, but have been drinking some alcohol? We can offer you a practical solution! Our professional drivers take you and your car home in safe! You can drink, we will drive - Call us: + 36 20 411 41 41!

Take care! In Hungary not admitted by the law to drink alcohol and drive, this means "zero tolerance" on drunk drivers.
You can easily loose your driving licence during a police check, and they can stop you without any reason.  

As solution we provide a personal chauffeur to drive you and your car home in the same time.
The service is available in Miskolc and its agglomeration area (within 40 km, including Tiszaújváros, Kazincbarcika, Tokaj, Szerencs, Encs, Mezőkövesd, Eger, Edelény, Szikszó, etc.)

Sometimes it happens, that you have to use your car during the day, but want to go out in the evening and enjoy a drink, but
- You don’t want to leave your car overnight, or
- the public transport is not available or not a competitive option, or
- you don’t want to pay for the taxi twice (back and forth).

Our offer is a practical, responsible and safe alternative and nevertheless you can enjoy the comfort of your own car as well.


We cover sports events, weddings, garden parties and business dinners as well as parties and restaurants. This gives you the convenience of using your own car, with a professional driver to drive you home safely at the right time.  This leaves you free to relax, socialize or work as you please.

We select our drivers for their personality as well as their driving skills, and we have comprehensive insurance for the service we provide. We have experience with classic cars, brand new vehicles, sport cars, manuals, automatics, and right hand drive cars also. 

If you have further questions, get in touch via email to  info[at]miskolcisofor[dot]hu or phone + 36 20 411 41 41 and we will be happy to help.


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