Came by car, but have been drinking some alcohol? We can offer you a practical solution! Our professional drivers take you and your car home in safe! You can drink, we will drive - Call us: + 36 20 411 41 41!


We are the one and only designated driver service provider in Hungary’s one of the largest city, Miskolc and in its agglomeration.

Our mission is the safe transportation of you and your vehicle to your destination if you came by car but have been drinking.
Just a short phone call, and our professional driver will pick you and your vehicle up in 25 minutes (within Miskolc).

Our rates are similar to a one way taxi ride except you arrive home in your own vehicle.

We also provide a professional driver on an hourly or nightly basis.

Our working hours:

from Sunday to Thursday            19:00 – 0:00
on Friday and Saturday night      19:00 – 5:00

Check our fares in the menu.


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